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Vasonomics is an internationally recognized IT services company that specializes in comprehensive QA and game development solutions. With over 12 years of experience in the field of software testing services, Vasonomics has successfully delivered numerous high-quality games and applications to more than 300 clients across various smartphone platforms. Our team is proficient in designing and developing mobile applications and games, consistently achieving remarkable success in this industry.

At Vasonomics, we prioritize innovation and creativity, continuously striving to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our extensive knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the realm of applications and gaming allows us to provide exceptional manual and automated testing services. With a dedicated team of proactive game developers, software testers, and QA experts, we take great pride in delivering excellence to our clients.

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QA & Software Testing Services

Casual Game Development

NFT Game Development

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We specialize in creating a wide variety of casino games, such as Slots, Roulette, Bingo, and Blackjack. Our team is dedicated to every aspect of game development, including character development, mathematics, graphic design, level design, game testing, and coding.


Our team of skilled mobile game developers provides multi-platform mobile gaming solutions for both Android and iOS devices. We are committed to creating captivating gaming experiences tailored for popular mobile platforms.


We offer comprehensive testing services aimed at minimizing expenses and enhancing operational effectiveness. Our team of skilled QA and testing professionals are committed to evaluating your project and devising a tailored strategy to optimize your software's performance.

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Our team of highly skilled casual game developers provides a diverse selection of casual game development services across various genres. With a focus on delivering captivating gaming experiences, our experts ensure an engaging and immersive game play.


We provide captivating gaming experiences to individuals by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our NFT game development solutions enable players to possess exclusive in-game assets that are truly one-of-a-kind.


We establish comprehensive ecosystems for various industries, offering top-notch digital gamification solutions. Our dedicated team of developers is committed to enhancing your revenue through our gamification services.

Our Approach

We are dedicated to supporting businesses that promote the integration of gaming into various aspects of their operations. Our approach is straightforward and includes the following steps: onboarding, storylining, identification of target audience, positioning, and marketing.

For QA services, we adopt a streamlined approach that allows our software testing experts to commence their work within 1-3 days. This process involves gathering requirements, defining test plans, planning the testing phase, executing tests, and maintaining the software.

Our Strengths

We constantly seek out groundbreaking and innovative ideas. We strongly believe in the concept of incremental innovation and continuously enhance and update our existing product lines to stay ahead of our competitors.

Quality Standards

Our extensive experience has enabled us to maintain high-quality standards. Our team of QA experts is committed to delivering the best results in the industry. We stay up-to-date with modern practices and methodologies for software testing.

Our Team

We are fortunate to have an exceptionally talented team of game developers and software testers. Our team members always strive to comprehend the client's perspective and ensure that their requirements are met with utmost care.