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Interactive Voice Response

Our IVR based jukebox is best thing to have happened to the lovers of regional music. Our service transforms a mobile phone into a virtual music system. Our subscribers can not only listen to their favorite songs as and when it suits them, but can also dedicate the songs to the near and dear ones. Treasure hunt is a contest, where customer has to answer objective type questions using mobile keypad and win the contest at multiple levels. OBD push is a high performance dial out tool to run voice campaigns with a high value of success rate of mobile reach using its inbuilt delivery calculated tool.

What is Interactive Voice Response/IVR Service?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are automated and customizable tools used for managing both inbound and outbound calls. These systems can be programmed to handle various tasks such as call routing, playing pre-recorded audio messages, managing calls on hold, processing payments through phone key input recognition, and providing other forms of call assistance.

Why should you consider Vasonomics as your IVR Service Provider?

Vasonomics revolutionizes business communication by offering intelligent cloud-based interactive voice response systems, eliminating the need for traditional mediums. Enhance your customer support with cutting-edge features that set the industry standard.

Manage Large ivr Call

Efficiently manage high call volumes by automatically distributing ivr call to available agents or placing them in a queue, while providing customers with estimated wait times. This streamlined approach optimizes resource management and enhances the overall customer experience.

Customise IVR call Settings

Tailor the IVR call settings according to your business objectives, providing personalized access and advanced ivr service to privileged businesses and customers. Integrate them into your system and intelligently identify them when they call, resulting in an enhanced overall experience.

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Professional Consistency

Deliver consistent and round-the-clock professional support through an advanced IVR call system. Stay connected with your customers at any time, as an IVR service ensures 24/7 accessibility and offers self-service options, pre-recorded voice messages, and user-friendly navigation to find solutions efficiently.

IVR Messaging

When configuring your IVR voice response, employ a built-in curated collection of music, text-to-speech options, or bespoke audio messages to improve the user experience during hold periods. These messages can be used to greet and guide customers, giving a personalized touch to their experience. interaction.

IVR Routing & Self-service

Utilize the IVR settings to efficiently route calls to the appropriate agents or departments simultaneously, ensuring faster resolution for customers. Additionally, offer self-service options that enable customers to navigate through multiple menus and find automated solutions on their own. This empowers customers and expedites the support process.

Call Filtering & Recording

Efficiently filter incoming calls and redirect them to the appropriate person or department to provide prompt and accurate solutions, minimizing the need for multiple hold times and escalations. Additionally, record calls for later evaluation to assess the quality of service and identify areas for improvement.

Salient Features

Widest Device Coverage In The Market

To Maintain Freshness In The Portals, We Constantly Update All The Video Portals With Latest, Enticing And Relevant Content.

Smart-Cache With Unique Content Finger-Printing

Multi-Tier Caching & Content Finger Printing.