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Missed Call Services

Our MCA service makes available to subscriber the infomation about missed calls when network is unavailable or phone is switched off. In such conditions, MCA services composes alerts of up to 160 characters and sends them to the subscriber at regular intervals. Messages are composed using ISUP from host switch and delivered to Public Land Mobile Network via a MAP interface, which is a part of SS7 protocol. Vasonomics MCA service supports revenue generating messaging services has many more salient features.

What are missed call services?

The missed call vas service provides customers with a convenient and cost-free method to reach out to you. By giving missed call alert , they can express their interest or initiate contact without incurring any charges. As a business, you receive a record of their phone number, enabling you to follow up with them through various means such as missed phone, SMS, IVR call calls, or direct conversations.

This service is commonly employed by businesses for promotional campaigns, opt-in or opt-out missed call services, and community support initiatives, among other applications.

How does a missed call service solution work for communication?

missed call service originated from the communication practices prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. Brands have recognized the potential of this approach and have tailored their responses to a missed call alert accordingly. In response to a missed call, brands can choose to follow up with an SMS, another missed phone call, or a combination of both methods.

How you can use missed call service for your business

Typically, when a missed call alert is made to a virtual phone number, it is often followed by an SMS alert containing the requested information. This method allows for efficient communication and ensures that the caller receives the desired information promptly.

Customer verification

Missed call alerts serve as a viable alternative to OTPs (One-Time Passwords) for customer verification purposes. Instead of relying on OTPs, you can prompt customers to verify their phone numbers by simply giving a missed call to a designated number. This approach provides a convenient and efficient method for customer verification.

Get In Touch

Request A Call-Back


Opt-in/out of lists

By utilizing missed calls service, you can give customers the option to either opt in or opt out of your promotional campaign list. This method provides a simple and convenient way for customers to indicate their preference regarding receiving promotional communications from your business.

Registration/Lead generation

This approach is particularly effective for individuals who lack internet access or other means of communication. A basic mobile phone serves as their primary method of reaching out to others, making missed calls an ideal solution in such cases.

Drive downloads

After a person initiates a missed call alert on the provided number, they will receive an SMS containing a direct download link for the app. This streamlined process eliminates the need for users to perform additional steps such as searching and identifying the correct app, simplifying the download process for them.

Salient Features

Alerts On SMS Channel.

Personalized Alerts Can Be Sent With Caller Party CLIP.

Receive The Collation Of Missed Calls Information.

Receive Alert When The User Comes Into Coverage

No Loss Of Data

No Duplication Of Data