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RBT/CRBTs & Wallpapers

A ringback tone, also referred to as a caller ring back tone (CRBT), is an audible indication heard by the calling party while they wait for the called destination to answer their call. It is a repeated tone that lets the calling party know that the called party's phone is ringing. Vasonomics offers comprehensive services for subscribers to customize their ringback tones using various types of audio content such as music, voice recordings, and more. Their CRBT system comprises an RBT system, allowing subscribers to listen to ringback tones, and a Contents & Media management system, which assists service providers in managing and providing ringback tone content. The RBT system also includes an RBT profile manager that records subscriber details such as subscription start date, subscription plan (Default, Caller ID, Time, Shuffle, etc.), subscription renewal, tone subscription, and tone renewal. Additionally, Vasonomics operates a web portal called Simraja, which offers subscribers a range of content including ringtones, wallpapers, funny videos, and stories from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Benefits of RBT/CRBT

Proven in the market, generating revenue as a value-added service.

Provides a competitive advantage over other operators.

Quickly deployed to the market.

Compatible with any network.

Compatible with any type of handset.

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When your phone receives a call, your callers will be greeted with a snippet of a song by your favorite artist, a popular chart-topper, a beloved classic, an enduring music track, or even a customized recorded sound. Additionally, you have the option to assign unique ringback tones to specific contacts, allowing you to identify who is calling you without needing to glance at your phone screen. Enhance your mobile usage experience by warmly welcoming your callers, setting the tone for their mood, and discovering more with ringback tones and other managed Value Added Services (VAS).