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These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of services and products by Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd, an IT company, to its clients. By availing our services or purchasing our products, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below:
1. Services and Products:

1.1 Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd offers a range of services and Global/Local, Interactive Voice Response, and Software Development.
1.2 The specific details, scope, and pricing of the services or products shall be agreed upon separately through a written agreement or proposal.

2. Client Responsibilities:

2.1 The client shall provide accurate and complete information necessary for the provision of services or delivery of products.
2.2 The client shall cooperate with Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd by promptly responding to requests for information, feedback, and approvals.

3. Pricing and Payment:

3.1 The pricing for services or products shall be as agreed upon in the written agreement or proposal.
3.2 All payments shall be made in the currency specified in the agreement.
3.3 Invoices shall be issued by Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd and payment terms will be specified in the agreement. Late payments may be subject to interest or penalties as per applicable laws.

4. Confidentiality:

4.1 Both parties shall maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information obtained during the course of the engagement.
4.2 Confidential information shall not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the disclosing party.

5. Limitation of Liability:

5.1 Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the services or products provided.
5.2 Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd's liability for any claim, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, shall be limited to the fees paid by the client for the specific services or products giving rise to the claim.

6. Termination:

6.1 Either party may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice to the other party.
6.2 In case of termination, the client shall pay for all outstanding fees due up to the termination date.

7. Entire Agreement:

7.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Vasonomics India Pvt Ltd and the client regarding the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, or representations, whether oral or written.

8. Using the RoiTaxi app:

8.1 RoiTaxi provides an information society service and does not provide transport services. Transport services are provided by drivers under a contract (with you) for the carriage of passengers. Drivers provide transport services on an independent basis (either in person or via a company) as economic and professional service providers. Disputes arising from consumer rights, legal obligations or from the law applicable to the provision of transport services will be resolved between the passengers and drivers. Data regarding the drivers and their transport service is available in the RoiTaxi app and receipts for journeys are sent to the email address listed in the passenger's profile.
8.2 When using the RoiTaxi app, you can choose whether to pay the driver for the transport service or use RoiTaxi in-App Payment. Payments for RoiTaxi Business rides are handled by a separate agreement for Business journeys. Charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by law. Charges may include other applicable fees, tolls, and/or surcharges including a booking fee, municipal tolls, airport surcharges or processing fees for split payments.
8.3 During the installation of the RoiTaxi app, the passenger's mobile number is linked to the respective RoiTaxi user account and added to our database. If you are no longer using your mobile number, you must notify RoiTaxi within 7 days so we can anonymize your account data. If you do not notify us about any change to your number, your mobile operator might pass the same mobile number to the next person and when using the RoiTaxi app, this new person can see your data.
8.4 When using RoiTaxi service, note that putting on a helmet and a reflective vest is a requirement by law and you have an obligation to demand this from the rider before taking the trip, wearing the gear for the entire duration of the trip and returning the gear to the driver upon completion of the trip.

By availing our services or purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for clarification before proceeding.